Updates – Finally!

Hey, look everyone! They finally updated the puppy pages!!!

Wow are we behind! But we have finally gotten the eldest three litters of puppies listed on their own pages with updated pictures. Please take a look and have some fun! The first three litters are all ready to go home, and there are a couple more that will be ready in the next few weeks. We’ll be trying to get pages up for them asap!

Nox’s puppies enjoying some sunshine

Corgi Chaos Continues

I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten new pictures of puppies up and new litter pages going you guys! Things have been INSANE! Which is pretty normal for us, but these last few weeks have been a higher level of chaos. We do have more puppies and if you pester us for pictures, you’ll get them.

Corgi Haven

One of the many things we do here, is offer haven to any Corgi that needs a safe place to be for any reason. They usually come due to behavioral issues, although we also offer convalescent services. We don’t just shove them in a kennel somewhere and let them live out their lives. We try to fix them and where possible, rehome them eventually. I’m throwing this out there right now, because even though I haven’t had time to get profile pages up for them, some of these guys could be going on to new homes. If you are looking for an older Corgi, check in with us!

For those of you interested in learning about dog behavior, come spend some time with us.

Bonnie’s puppies

Want to come spend some time with puppies? Come over!

Want to work off a puppy by cleaning, picking up poop, and walking dogs? Call!

Just want to go for a walk with some dogs? We have a bunch that would love to go for a walk!

Don’t be shy! We love sharing our Corgi life with folks. Just be warned, we will probably put you to work! 🙂